Our Organic Farm Products


In our farm we produce organically grown extra virgin olive oil, ancient wheat, saffron, honey and jams from our fruits.

We breed chickens ,which providing us with fresh eggs daily.

The garden allows us to always have fresh and genuine seasonal vegetables, used daily by our chef in the kitchens

"Our Olive Grove"

In XIII CENTURY first olive trees were planted by Olivetian Monks.

During the same period, the dry stone wall terraces of Spedalone were built and the olive grove was planted on the terraces.

You can still see in the part of the olive grove below the road half-moon shaped dry stone wall terraces – very few of these remain in Tuscany today. (Listed in the leases in the copy of the Libro delle Stime).

"Our Ancient Wheat"

We are going back in time, celebrating grain varieties that have remained untouched for hundreds and even thousands of years.

We grow Verna Wheat and we absolutely love it! Verna wheat is an ancient variety of Tuscan origin. It belongs to the category of ancient grains, much appreciated in the past for its highly rustic characteristics.

Then forgotten for many years because it is decidedly less productive than modern varieties. Verna wheat flour is much more than just a simple flour for bread making.

It almost disappeared once, despite its impressive nutrient content, so we should celebrate its survival by using it as much as we can.

All our homemade breads, homemade pasta and homemade desserts made from our farm grown wheat for you to Enjoy!




Fresh Pasta
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