From our Farm to your Table


Our products are all organically grown.

The farm is operated in accordance with organic farming requirements.
All waste products are recycled: water in which pasta or vegetables were cooked is used to feed our pigs.

Wet waste is composted to produce, along with wood chips, compost for the garden. Sewage water, after organic treatment, is used to irrigate the olive grove, and clear recycled water is recycled for other farm use.

All the farming methods and works are designed to minimize the use of energy.

The garden allows us to always have fresh and genuine seasonal vegetables, used daily by our chef in the kitchen..


Medicinal plants and edible plants grow in the woods and meadows of Spedalone. They range from calendula to “nepitella,” “marzuolo” and “scorzone” truffles, and mushrooms, including especially porcini, chanterelles and “mazze di drum”.

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