Amici Amici Amici

I nostri ospiti non sono semplici ospiti ma soprattutto amici, amici che decidono trascorrere una vacanza indimenticabile nell’Agriturismo Podere Spedalone.

Da noi è cosi: puoi godere di tutta la privacy e riservatezza che desideri o condividere parte del tuo tempo con noi o gli altri ospiti durante la giornata.

A podere spedalone si fa l’aperitivo, si pranza e si cena tutti insieme per condividere il piacere della convivialità, si ride, si beve un buon bicchiere di vino con gli altri commensali dei tavoli, si conoscono nuovi amici di tutte le parti del mondo.

E’ questo che ci contraddisitingue da sempre ed è proprio questa magica atmosfera che si crea che renderà il tuo soggiorno indimenticabile.

What our guests say

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"The magic of Podere Spedalone"

There are honestly not enough senses to truly experience the magic of Podere Spedalone.

Sight: When you first see Podere Spedalone, your eyes are moved by the golden light, the dramatic sunsets, the velvet rolling hills, the ancient stones, the wise old trees, and the beautifully colorful vegetables growing from their garden.

Smells: From the moment you wake up, you smell the freshly baked bread wafting through the farm. It’s not just bread you smell, though… it’s also the embers from the ancient oven that is used to cook the bread. You smell the sunshine, the rain, the food, the wine.

Feel: Podere Spedalone has all the feels.. the warmth of the sun on your skin, the dip in the crisp pool, the bubbly champagne on your lips as you watch the sunset, the soft fur of the animals who greet you, the comfortable beds, the cool rooms (even on hot days).

Taste: To say the kitchen is hard at work would be an incredible understatement. Not only will you have some of the best meals of your life at Podere Spedalone, but each bite is the direct result of an enormous effort from their own hands and their own land. The eggs at breakfast are plucked directly from the chicken house. The vegetables are grown onsite and harvested at the perfect ripeness. They are then incorporated into each dish coming out of the kitchen, whether it’s an omelette in the morning, a pasta dish at lunch, a crostini at happy hour, or a robust meat dish at dinner. You taste what is in season at Podere Spedalone. Dinner is a glorious event, where guests gather to watch the sunset and then sit together to a family-style, multi-course dinner. Those who are strangers at the beginning of your stay will be your friends by the end of your stay. I could write novels about our meals at Podere Spedalone. You will not find a better dining experience in Tuscany.

Sound: The sounds of Podere Spedalone feed your soul. The roosters beckon the sun in the morning (but they’re far away enough not to wake you up!) The cowbells can be heard jingling from a distance. If you’re lucky enough to get a quick rain shower, you’ll appreciate the pitter patter of the rain on the ancient stones. The clinks of the pots and pans in the kitchen was a favorite sound of mine, and always got me excited with wonderment over what magical meals they’re cooking up for us.

The 6th sense – the one that binds all the other senses together – is the sense of family.
The memories of Podere Spedalone, and the family we made there, are truly the best souvenirs we brought back in our hearts. Thank you to the Podere Spedalone family for creating so much magic in the Tuscan country.


“Absolutely fantastic – Everything you want for your stay in Tuscany”

This place is just stunning. You get everything you want for your stay in Tuscany. The beautiful Tuscan style building is surrounded by an amazing landscape and the view you get is second to none. Looking at the beautiful Tuscan hills and enjoying the excellent local and organic food creates an inner peace and lets you forget everything else. Just the place is already picture and experience which is hard to find somewhere else and make this place a jewel. You don’t want to miss the breathtaking view, the excellent food and the authentic hospitality.

“Perfect Anniversary Getaway”
This is by far, hands down, the best place to stay when visiting Tuscany. The picturesque rolling hills, breathtaking sunset views, mouthwatering food, family atmosphere, and genuine hospitality make staying at Spedalone a dream. We could not have asked for a more perfect place to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary. The food is so fresh and delicious we ate dinner there every night. I can still close my eyes and imagine being on the property. Staying at Spedalone made my dreams of what I envisioned Tuscany to look and feel like into reality.

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