VI – 250m L -Extra Virgine Olive Oil 2023 BIO


12-can package


  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Toscana VIII Century , Selected By Olivetian monk’s
  • Harvest year: 2023
  • Cultivar: Moraiolo , Frantoio, Leccino, Cureggiolo
  • Harvest system: manual with facilitators
  • Harvest time: during the first decade of October 
  • Extraction system: Modern continuous system
  • Appearance: clear and filtered
  • Density: high fluidity
  • Fragrance: fresh, intense, a pungent herbaceous with rich artichoke and chicory notes, completed by balsamic hints of mint and black pepper
  • Taste: ample and complex, with a great intensity of bitter and spicy notes. The herbaceous aftertaste of artichoke, chicory and almond dominates a complexity of vegetable hints and a l0ng persistence of smooth aromatic notes.
  • Use: it perfectly pairs octopus carpaccio, porcini mushrooms, lentils, beans, chickpeas and vegetable soups in general; on red meats and first courses with ragù or tomato sauce; with goat and medium cheese.
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12-can package

VI - 250m L -Extra Virgine Olive Oil 2023 BIO
VI – 250m L -Extra Virgine Olive Oil 2023 BIO

Introducing our: Olio EVO 2023 BIO  – Toscana VIII Secolo Selectione – Selezione dei monaci olivetani 

Experience the essence of history and authenticity with our Olio EVO 2023 BIO Spedalone, a true testament to the centuries-old olive cultivation traditions in the heart of Tuscany. This extraordinary olive oil is presented to you as part of our exclusive Toscana VIII Secolo Selectione.

Key Features:

  1. Harvest Year: 2023
  2. Certified Organic: Our olives are cultivated using traditional organic methods, ensuring a natural and environmentally friendly production process.
  3. Ancient Olive Trees: Our olive groves are home to olive trees that have stood tall for 700 years, creating a unique and rare olive oil with exceptional character.
  4. Tuscan Terroir: Nestled in the picturesque Val d’Orcia, our olive groves benefit from the mineral-rich volcanic soil of Mount Amiata, bestowing a distinctive terroir on our olives.
  5. Extra Virgin Excellence: Carefully harvested and cold-pressed, this olive oil is a result of artisanal craftsmanship that maintains its exquisite extra virgin quality.
  6. Rich Flavor Profile: Olio EVO 2023 BIO Spedalone offers a harmonious balance of flavors with subtle notes of herbs, artichoke, and a delightful peppery finish.

Why Choose Olio EVO 2023 BIO:

Our olive oil is not just a product; it’s a journey through time, capturing the essence of a rich history and the dedication of generations of olive growers. The organic cultivation methods ensure the purest and most natural olive oil, free from chemical interference. This commitment to quality extends to the preservation of ancient olive trees that contribute to the unique character of this exceptional olive oil.

Serving Suggestions:

Olio EVO 2023 BIO Spedalone elevates every culinary experience. Drizzle it over fresh salads, grilled vegetables, or simply use it as a dipping oil for crusty bread. Its versatility in the kitchen makes it a perfect companion for both simple and gourmet dishes.

Be a Part of History:

Indulge in the flavors of the past, cultivated for the present and future. Olio EVO 2023 BIO Spedalone from the Toscana VIII Secolo Selectione is a unique opportunity to connect with the traditions of olive cultivation that have persevered for centuries.

Unlock the excellence of Olio EVO 2023 BIO Spedalone – Toscana VIII Secolo Selectione. Order your piece of history today and savor the rich flavors of our certified organic extra virgin olive oil.

Package of 12 ---VI - Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2023 BIO

VI – Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2023 BIO – Toscana VIII Secolo Selectione – Selezione dei monaci olivetani

12-can package.

A Testament to Health and Tradition

Our VI – Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2023 BIO – Toscana VIII Secolo Selectione – Selezione dei monaci olivetani
is not just a culinary delight, it's a testament to health and tradition. This extraordinary extra virgin olive oil, crafted from the rare 700-year-old olive trees planted by Olivetan Monks, offers a myriad of health benefits that have been cherished through generations.

Health benefits:

1. Rich in Antioxidants: Our olive oil is a powerhouse of antioxidants, particularly vitamin E and polyphenols, known for their ability to combat oxidative stress, reduce inflammation, and promote overall well-being.
2. Heart Health: The mono-unsaturated fats in this olive oil can help reduce the risk of heart diseases by maintaining healthy cholesterol levels and regulating blood pressure.
3. Anti-Inflammatory Properties: The presence of oleocanthal in our olive oil provides it with anti-inflammatory characteristics akin to ibuprofen, making it an excellent choice for maintaining a healthy body.
4. Digestive Health: The monounsaturated fats and phenolic compounds in our olive oil contribute to a balanced digestive system, aiding in the prevention of digestive disorders.
5. Skin and Hair Wellness: The antioxidants in Extra Virgin Olive Oil promote healthy skin and hair, providing nourishment and protection against the effects of aging.
6. Cognitive Benefits: Some studies suggest that olive oil may help preserve cognitive function, protecting against cognitive decline and neurodegenerative diseases.
7. Weight Management: Including our olive oil in a balanced diet may aid in weight management by increasing satiety and reducing the risk of obesity.
8. Immunity Boost: The antioxidants in our olive oil can help enhance your immune system, defending your body against common illnesses.
9. Nutrient Absorption: The healthy fats in our olive oil can improve the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and other nutrients, ensuring your body benefits from the food you consume.
10. Overall Well-being: This exceptional olive oil has been cherished for centuries for its holistic health advantages, contributing to a sense of well-being and vitality.

Our VI – Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2023 BIO – Toscana VIII Secolo Selectione – Selezione dei monaci olivetani is a tribute to the timeless wisdom of Olivetian Monks who carefully cultivated these olive trees. It embodies the essence of health and tradition, making it not just a culinary treasure, but a precious elixir for overall well-being. Experience the history, savor the flavor, and embrace the health benefits of this exceptional olive oil.

Please note that while these benefits are widely recognized, individual responses to olive oil may vary. It is advisable to incorporate olive oil into a balanced diet for the best results.


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